Star Trek Expanded Universe
For the RIS Bouteina episode, see Eidolon (Bouteina episode).


Banshee CO Jazz Phoenix is discovered alive on a Cardassian prison planet after being MIA for over a decade, but will she still fit in with her old teammates, and how will the new CO react to her reappearance? In the midst of another war, are the Banshees heading for a titanic clash of wills?


  • Eidolon was one of the earliest Star Trek: Banshee Squadron stories I wrote, but I never quite finished it. It had a beginning and an ending, but I got lazy and left out the very important Jazz Phoenix character development stuff in the middle.
  • The plan is to incorporate the completed portions of Eidolon, parts of the episodes Banshee Squadron and Star Wars into a single new framework, finish the unwritten middle part of Eidolon, and present the resulting epic as the 'official' Banshee Squadron premier episode.
  • I mention an unwritten episode in my official episode list because, while unfinished and unpublished, Jazz and the events in Eidolon are constantly being referred to in other episodes by my characters. Eidolon is the 'Silmarillion' of the Banshee Squadron mythology.