An Einstein class starship

The Einstein class, also known as the Kelvin-type, was a type of starship used by the Federation Starfleet in the early 23rd century. The class was introduced in the late 22nd century, and was still in service into at least the 2230s. Generally designated a survey vessel or scout, the class was also sometimes referred to as a destroyer. (Star Trek, Federation: The First 150 Years, Star Trek Online)

The class featured primary and secondary hulls, a massive sensor pod, and a single warp nacelle. It had a length of approximately 450 meters, and a standard crew capacity of around 800. (Star Trek)

Based on visual evidence and other factors, the fan site Ex Astris Scientia reckons the Kelvin-type vessel's dimensions to be anywhere from 250 meters to 350 meters, which is more in keeping with known Starfleet ship design of the early 23rd century. Using data, including an early size comparison chart, from the reference book Star Trek - The Art of the Film, EAS concludes that the "actual" length of the Kelvin-type/Einstein class is 315 meters, close to the initial intent before the CGI ship models were upscaled during post-production. Some fan works use these, or other, specifications, instead of the "official" sizes provided by Paramount.

One notable ship of this class was the USS Kelvin under the command of Captain Richard Robau in 2233. (Star Trek)

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