The name of Major Elena Mendenhall Justice is well known with cadets who have studied the Battle of Omicron Canaris in 2255. She was the officer in charge of the 17th Marine Expeditionary Unit stationed aboard the dreadnought USS Amaterasu. Justice was born as Elena Mendenhall Winston at Novaya Vladivostok, Deneva to the planetary Governor Charles David Winston (2245-2262). She took her mother's maiden name when she was 13 and emancipated herself to evade the influence of her father's family name. Like most starry-eyed adolescents, she enrolled in Starfleet, graduating Starfleet Academy in 2236. (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

Graduated from SFA and the SFMC school, her first assignment as an officer found her assigned to 136th Marine Strike Group, aboard the Baton Rouge-class USS Arcturus (2236-2246). Arcturus (NCC-1337) was lead ship of Confrontation Group Alpha during the Battle of Donatu V between UFP and Klingon forces (2242). ("The USS Arcturus in History")

Major Justice died during the Battle of Omicron Canaris, 2255, in which the 17th MEU engaged ground and space forces of the Klingon Empire. In her honor, a Larson-class destroyer was due to be named after her, but was canceled due to budget constraints. The name was then suggested in the mid-2290s for a group of Saladin-class destroyers.

Her current namesake is the USS Justice (NCC-556).

There is also an Independence-class freighter named Justice (Star Trek: Justice: "Doing Justice to the Name, Part One"). It is unknown if this vessel was also named after her.

Service jacketEdit

2265 - ENS (Command Badge)
2nd LT, 136th Marine Strike Group, USS Arcturus (2236-2246)
2200s - LTJG (Command)
1st LT, 8th Marine Expeditionary Unit, USS Corregidor (2246)
2200s - LT (Command)
CAPT, 8th MEU, USS Corregidor (to 2248)
CAPT, XO, 11th MEU, USS Thermopylae (2248)
2200s - LCDR (Command)
MAJ, XO, 11th MEU, USS Thermopylae (to 2250)
MAJ, CO, 17th MEU, USS Amaterasu (2250-2255)


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