Elihu M'Konel was a male Human/Vulcan/Romulan/Betazoid hybrid officer in Starfleet and the former commander of the USS Philadelphia-A, Miranda-class light cruiser. In 2410, at 28 years old, Elihu resigned from Starfleet as a Lieutenant Commander, where he began work as an inventory clerk for the Lunar Mining Colony in the Sol system. (Earth Spacedock)

Timeline[edit | edit source]

  • November, 2409 - After only two months as tactical officer aboard the USS Philadelphia, Captain Taggart is murdered by Klingons who unwittingly work for the Undine. Commander Bradden, by the orders of Admiral Tuvok, issue Elihu a field commission of full Lieutenant and give him command of the Philadelphia. Their mission to find and create new technology and sabotage the enemy continues.
  • January, 2410 - Admiral Tuvok and Commander Bradden inform Elihu that a splinter group of Tal'Shiar warbirds led by Colonel Toreth have been secretly working for them; after meeting the renegade Romulans, and the crew of the S.S. Icarus, The Fleet of the Cursed is formed.
  • March, 2410 - The Fleet of the Cursed is destroyed by the main body of the Tal'Shiar, save for the Philadelphia. Elihu believes The Infamous sold them out, but later The Infamous will claim Toreth did. It was, in fact, someone else on the Philadelphia.
  • April, 2410 - Elihu's fiance "dies," and her uncle Uriah Solomon dies two weeks later in a battle with Klingons.
  • June, 2410
The events of Earth Spacedock.
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