For the mirror universe counterpart, see Elise McKennah (mirror).

Lieutenant Elise McKennah was a Starfleet counsellor who served aboard the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) in the 2260s.

McKenna's first encounter with Captain James T. Kirk overlapped with the crew again meeting Apollo, a powerful being who was worshipped as a god on Earth. This meant her meeting with Kirk was not as successful as she hoped. She was also responsible for telling Apollo that Carolyn Palamas, an Enterprise crewmember Apollo had been attracted to in his first encounter, had died. (Star Trek Continues: Pilgrim Of Eternity)

When the Enterprise picked up Lolani, an Orion slave, McKenna and Kirk disagreed on how to approach the situation; Kirk was under orders to return Lolani to the Orions. McKenna and Kirk's arguments led Lolani to briefly believe the two were married.(Star Trek Continues: Lolani)

McKenna was instrumental in stopping the Esper plot to take over the Federation. During the mission, she transported over to the USS Congo as a hostage in exchange for the lives of the Starfleet officers trapped in the hangar deck. A subsequent attempt to rescue her resulted in her death in the transporter system. McKenna's death was a factor in Spock leaving Starfleet and returning to Vulcan. (Star Trek Continues: To Boldly Go, Part I, To Boldly Go, Part II)

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