Elita Jurani was a Trill humanoid with a symbiont named Jurani. She was the Chief Medical Officer on the USS Crusader (NCC-51492). Elita was joined in 2375 after Jarani's previous host died from plasma burns he suffered in an explosion during the Battle of Cardassia on the USS Bainbridge. (Star Trek Crusader)

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Elita entered Starfleet in 2371, much to her parent's dismay.

She joined the USS Bainbridge crew in 2374 and participated in numerous battles during the Dominion War.

In 2375, she was joined with the Jarani symbiont when the previous host, Tarl Jarani, died as a result of plasma burns.

Later in the same year, the Bainbridge participated in the Battle of Cardassia but was destroyed in the first wave. Elita was one of seven Bainbridge survivors. As a result, Starfleet awarded her the Battle of Cardassia Medal.

She spent the next 4 years on Starbase 375 as an assistant chief medical officer.

In 2380, she transferred aboard the USS Intrepid.

Aboard the USS Crusader Edit

Elita transferred aboard the USS Crusader in 2386 as the ship's chief medical officer,

In 2387, the Crusader captured several pirates Elita determined were clones. They were engineered to mask their life signs as well as to have a built in self-destruct mechanism in their RNA. Upon exploring the RNA samples more at Starbase 140, a huge energy wave nearly destroyed the starbase and created an energy shock wave 66 light years in diameter. It also attracted the Zentradi, who abducted hundreds of Starfleet personnel from starships and the starbase.

Captain Candela Greene diffused the situation; the initial theory was the clones were unstable.

Later that year, Elita discovered the Zentradi experimentation on Starfleet personnel abducted in the Denias system. The investigation led her to notice most of the personnel had their reproductive organs removed or experimented on.

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