Emael Mosekhesailho (Rihan: "Unforgivable") is a Star Trek Online fanfic by StarSword, written for the third prompt of Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge #13: "In A.D. 2410, War Was Beginning". It is part of the Bait and Switch continuity.

Emael Mosekhesailho is an origin story for Sahuel t'Khnialmnae, the tactical officer of the RRW Bloodwing under Khre'Riov Morgaiah t'Thavrau.

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In 2409, Sahuel t'Khnialmnae looks out onto New Romulus from a shipyard in orbit, and considers the path that brought her here.

In 2379, Sahuel, a scion of House Khnialmnae, graduates from the Romulan Imperial Fleet Academy and is met by Hakeev tr'Droall, an operative of the Tal'Shiar who tries to recruit her into the agency. She refuses.

Six weeks later, her mother dies in Shinzon's coup, and Sahuel begins investigating the event. Her investigation brings her to the attention of the Tal'Shiar, and she is kidnapped in her sleep and tortured to find out who she is spying for. After convincing her captors, including Hakeev, that she only wanted to find out who killed her mother so she could take revenge, she agrees to join the agency on condition that she gets to kill Senator Tal'Aura t'Kaveth, the trigger-woman in the coup.

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Hakeev tr'DroallSahuel t'Khnialmnae
Referenced only 
ShinzonTal'Aura t'Kaveth


coup d'état
Referenced only 
Dominion War


Romulus (Aeihmn Ih'nhaihDirex ArchipelagoRomulan Imperial Fleet Academy)
Referenced only 
Romulus (Hall of StateKi Baratan) • Mirhassa

Races and culturesEdit

Referenced only 

Ranks and titlesEdit

antecenturion (erein) • cadet (eredh) • subcommander (erei'riov)
Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

Grand FleetRomulan Star EmpireTal'Shiar
Referenced only 
Klingon EmpireRomulan SenateStarfleetUnification movementUnited Federation of Planets

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Referenced only 
thalaron generator

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