Starfleet began developing the Emperor-class starship in 2375, as a smaller version of a Sovereign-class starship. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Development[edit | edit source]

Starfleet researchers took the best attributes of the Sovereign-class starship and made a "smaller" version. Admiral Dustin McCloud called the Emperor-class the "24th century's NX-class." Though development began in 2375, the first starship was not completed until 2380, by which time the class had been upgraded to fulfill requirements for combat as a result of the rising tensions between the United Federation of Planets and the So'ja Coalition, which eventually sparked into the Coalition War in 2381.

Deployment[edit | edit source]

As of stardate 59531.62, six Emperor-class starships where on active duty: USS Amerigo (NCC-19018), USS Emperor (NX-18910), USS Stefansson (NCC-2818), USS Horizon (NCC-91901), USS Tacitus (NCC-10198), and the USS Octavian (NCC-12892). ("For Better or Worse")

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