Star Trek Expanded Universe

Empok Nor was a Cardassian space station located in the Trivas system, abandoned in 2372 by the Cardassians. The station had been the site of experiments with psychotropic drugs upon Cardassian soldiers of the First Order, heightening their xenophobia and aggression.

A salvage team from Deep Space Nine, a Nor-class station under the control of Starfleet, traveled to Empok Nor--only to find that not only had the station been booby-trapped in more obvious ways against non-Cardassians, but a group of drug-crazed soldiers had been placed in stasis as a deterrent as well. Elim Garak was accidentally exposed to the drug as well, and between him and the awakened soldiers, several members of the salvage team were killed, and all of them would have perished if not for Miles O'Brien. (DS9: "Empok Nor")

Empok Nor was also the site of a prisoner exchange between the Dominion and the Ferengi Alliance; the malfunctioning, remotely-controlled body of Keevan was left on the station, continually running into a bulkhead. (DS9: "The Magnificent Ferengi")

In 2375, Gul Dukat led a Pah-wraith cult aboard the station, one that was driven away after Dukat kidnapped Colonel Kira Nerys and brought her to the station. (DS9: "Covenant")

Star Trek: Pendragon[]

In the Pendragon universe, Empok Nor was utilized in Project Restoration and towed to the Bajor system to replace the destroyed Deep Space 9. After 18 months of retrofitting and upgrades the station was christened Deep Space 9. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "True North", "Restoration")

Star Trek: Between the Stars[]

In the Between the Stars universe, Empok Nor is restored as part of a revitalization project conceived by the new Detapa Council (though mostly by its leader, Prime Councilor Natima Lang). In a bold move, the Federation is petitioned for their assistance, and a tenuous partnership is established between the Cardassian military and Starfleet to get the station operational again. (Star Trek: Between the Stars story archive)