Sovereign Class.jpg
Name: Enterprise
Affiliation: Terran Rebellion
Type: explorer
Class: Sovereign
Sovereign class.jpg

The Enterprise (NX-1701) was a Sovereign-class starship built by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance of the mirror universe.

Commanded by Regent Picard and his number one, Commandant Riker, this vessel was created through an advanced quantum duplication process begun when Alliance forces captured the USS Enterprise-E in 2374.

After a battle between the two Enterprises, this mirror version was captured by Starfleet forces and was given an "NX" registry prefix because of its extensive use of Tantalus technology and other custom-built systems and the registry number 1701 because of its being named "Enterprise" and was sent back to the mirror universe, under Intendant Spock's command, to aid in combating the Alliance. (Shatnerverse)

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