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A 22nd century Earth Starfleet EV suit

A Lyran EV suit helmet

An environmental suit, also known as an EV suit, is a special form of clothing designed to be used for protection or life support in inhospitable environments.

EV suits are particularly important to beings once they develop space travel. It allows species to explore environments with atmospheric conditions that are different to their natural environment. Since few species can survive in the hostile environment of space EV suits give individuals the ability to venture outside the protected confines of a starship or space station.

EV suits have been standard issue on board Federation starships since its inception.

The USS Prometheus was equipped with Environmental suit type IIIa. (Star Trek: Prometheus)

The EV suits issued to Lyran Starfleet stormtroopers contained a white helmet. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Asteroid Dusting")

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