Star Trek Expanded Universe

Eric Zimmer was the Flight controller of the USS Pioneer since 2378. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Early years[]

Eric Zimmer was born in San Francisco, Earth to Mr. and Mrs. Zimmer. His father, Henrik, was a German engineer and his mother, Mandisa, was a doctor from Africa. Ever since he was young he was also interested in flying. Young Zimmer also took up an interest in holodecks. In high school Zimmer had written his first holonovel, which turned out to be a complete disaster, but with some help from his father, Zimmer was able to fully understand the complexities of making a holonovel.

Academy years (2374-2378)[]

After high school, Zimmer decided to join Starfleet, his parents were a little hesitant to let him go, since he was an only child. In fact his father was entirely against it. At the Academy he excelled in his flight training and his instructors felt that he was one of the best pilots ever to come out of Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet career[]

Immediately after graduating from Starfleet Academy he was made the CONN officer of the restored Nova class vessel, USS Pioneer under the command of Captain Benjamin Kelsoe. ("The So'ja Incident")

In 2381, Zimmer had a run in with a So'ja fighter pilot which caused a political nightmare between the So'ja Coalition and the United Federation of Planets. Zimmer was sent to the brig, but was later released when the Coalition chose to not press any charges. ("Complications")

In 2382, Zimmer piloted the USS Pioneer during the Battle of Minark, which he received a commendation for. ("Torment and Woe")

In early 2383, Zimmer was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade after his performance during the Battle of Minark. ("The Forgotten Planet")

Starfleet service record[]


Extended Service Citation, 3 Commendations.