Erik Pressman was a human who served as a Starfleet officer in the mid 24th century.

In 2358, Pressman as the captain of the USS Pegasus oversaw the testing of an illegal interphase cloaking device, which resulted in the loss of the vessel.

In 2370, the Pegasus was discovered and Pressman, now an admiral, joined the USS Enterprise-D to head to the Devolin system to prevent the Romulans claiming the technology and to destroy any evidence of the Federation's breach of the Treaty of Algeron and his role in the illegal activity. While the technology was prevented from falling into Romulan hands Pressman's role was exposed. (TNG: "The Pegasus")

Although he was court martialed, Pressman continued to work with Starfleet Intelligence well into the mid 2370s. He was pivotal in the design and development of the interphase cloaking device used successfully onboard the USS Anzio. (Star Trek: Pirates Cove)

Pressman was last seen on the bridge of the USS Anzio, locked in hand to hand combact with the escaped convict Valeris, shortly before the ships destrction.

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