Erika Benteen was a human Starfleet officer who served during the 24th century.

In 2337, Benteen was born in Atlanta. (Starship Creator)

In 2372, Benteen served as Vice Admiral James Leyton's adjutant. She was part of Leyton's conspiracy to take over the Federation and was promoted to captain and given command of the USS Lakota. Benteen attempted to stop the USS Defiant from reaching Earth. However, when she was ordered to use quantum torpedoes to destroy the Defiant Benteen refused and stop down the Lakota, letting the Defiant continue its journey to Earth. (DS9: "Homefront", "Paradise Lost")

Fanon continuities[edit | edit source]

The Star Eagle Adventures[edit | edit source]

Benteen was Michael Owens' cousin and the two were close friends from childhood. Michael was one of the few persons to stand by her in the aftermath of the Leyton conspiracy.

She was temporarily reinstated into service following the outbreak of the Dominion War and served at Starbase 375 with a provisional rank of lieutenant.

Benteen showed selfless dedication and bravery during the conflict and was credited with saving the starbase from destruction by the Dominion. Following the war Benteen was giving the rank of lieutenant commander and permanently reinstated. ("Crossing Over")

Star Trek: Liberty[edit | edit source]

Benteen was born in Navarre, European Alliance, to Jacob Benteen and Erika Ibañez in 2338.

Following Leyton's attempted coup Benteen was sentenced to seven years at the Federation rehabilitation colony on Dalarian Prime.

At some point, Benteen served on the USS Liberty as operations manager and later as executive officer. (Star Trek: Liberty)

Star Trek: Pendragon[edit | edit source]

While at Starfleet Academy Benteen befriended Timothy Barranco, a fellow cadet. Their relationship would evolve into a romantic one.

In the Pendragon timeline, Benteen remained loyal to Leyton throughout the Federation Civil War. In the final battle of the war Benteen turned against Leyton and beamed to his flagship to try and convince him not to launch a massive attack against Earth and wipe out a large portion of the population. Benteen shot Leyton when he attempted to set off his ship's self destruct. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

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