Errand of Mercy is the eighth chapter in the fan fiction story of the Star Trek: Grissom fan fiction series.


After an encounter with Cyrano Jones, tribbles, and the deadly revelation of the shape-shifting Chameloid agent stalking the USS Grissom, the Grissom is back en route to the Genesis Planet but is detoured when answering a priority Federation distress signal.

Arriving at the Alcyone system, the Grissom finds itself involved with one of the Federation's most feared diseases. As the crew decides the limits of humanitarian assistance and mercy, the fate of an entire world lies in the balance. The crew wrestles with personal fears, tests of honor, and an exploration of the meaning of mercy and salvation. What are these limits? And how does one know what is the honorable, merciful course of action when all roads seem to lead to disaster on a planetary scale? Do the needs of the many truly outrank the needs of the few?


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