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"Evolutions" (or Star Trek: Evolutions) was the second short of Star Trek: Phoenix-X and first short of the second season. It originally stood on its own as its own fan fiction short until it was integrated into Star Trek: Phoenix-X in 2014. The story is told from two narrators: one - from the main character, Niel, who is an active first-person narrator; and two - mixed in with the first, is the narration done in the third-person.


A young Starfleet Academy student, Neil, in 2379, when practicing specialized martial arts one day, is put to the test by a challenge from a long time rival, Keth, from his piloting class. Hesitant at first, Neil decides to go along with it in order to honour his well-respected teacher, Chivaul. But the fight gets stranger when Keth begins to transform into an animal-like creature. Fighting for his life now, Neil is shocked and confused at what is happening to his rival. After defeating Keth, Neil locates Chivaul and finds that his teacher has been passed out from experimenting with telekinesis. Neil concludes that Chivaul was responsible for Keth's transformation and Starfleet Security finally arrives to help Keth.

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