"Experimentalism" (also known as Star Trek: Experimentalism) was the second long-form episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X, taking place after Episode 17 and before Special 1 (which takes place before Episode 18). Like "The Links' Traitor", it was classified as a "chapter".


Commander Avery puts the Phoenix-X out of service and everyone is re-stationed. But with the sudden disappearance of random starships in Federation space, mystery and danger begins to bring the crew back together for one more adventure.

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"How do you think I feel? I'm the Captain and they haven't beamed me up yet."

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  • Avery follows through with his threat to "keep an eye" on Gotens and the ship for any "slip-ups", as said in "The Tiloniam System", by finally decommissioning the Phoenix-X, and forcing everyone to be re-assigned. He would later return in Season 4's "STO Halloween".
  • The episode, "The Tiloniam System" is revisited in Experimentalism.
  • Daniel and Kugo admit that they never knew nor thought about the origins of the Transwarp drive since serving on the Phoenix-X. They would later be told of its origins at the end of the episode by Theseus.
  • Daniel and Kugo's initial encounter with the Transwarp drive would be clarified in the episode "The Tilonian System".
  • This is the first and most involved appearance of the Gordarions. Another time when their influence would make a difference would be in "Occurrence, Parts I & II". They also cause the USS Hijinx to travel to Borg-infested space in "Hijinx".

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