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The F'asa sector was a region of space in the Delta Quadrant, not far from the Beta Quadrant border. It was home to the Ssoran, Kess'rith and Penumbran species, among others. Part of the sector lay within territory claimed by the Falcarian Allegiance. (Delta Fleet (PBEM))

In the 2370s, the Delta Wormhole was discovered, linking the the F'asa sector with the Alpha Quadrant near the Romulan Neutral Zone. Starfleet soon sent a flotilla of ships through the wormhole, and established a colony in the sector, called New Terra, as well as the Deep Space Delta outpost. DS-Delta was eventually destroyed, and replaced by ODS-Delta II.

Conflict broke out between the Falcarians and the Federation in 2377 and lasted until 2382. After the conclusion of the Falcarian War, Starfleet constructed Starbase 771 in the F'asa sector.

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