The Fandom Star Trek Chronology by James Dixon is the most complete chronology on the web, updated yearly from 1988 through 2004. While the actual file itself is unlicensed, nearly all its sources are derived from licensed products. The chronology compiles data from all canon episodes and films, licensed works (like the novels and RPG materials), and much of "Technical Fandom" materials (blueprints, The Best of Trek, Franz Joseph's Star Fleet Technical Manual, etc.) published over the years. The only exceptions to inclusion are Young Adult books, comic books and strips, and fan fiction. In later editions, certain other fan materials and websites were included, such as the Galactic Engineer Concordance, Ex Astris Scientia, and Trekmania.

Star Trek: The Original Series episodes are organized in production order, with equipment upgrades between episodes described. TAS episodes are placed in the order they were incorporated into Alan Dean Foster's novelizations, and TNG and later shows in the order they were aired.

Dixon's chronology significantly differs from the official "Okuda" chronology used by the production staff, especially in mid-23rd century dates. Dixon bases his timeline around that contained in The Making of Star Trek, which places the start of TOS in 2260, not 2266 as assumed by Michael and Denise Okuda, authors of the Star Trek Chronology and the Star Trek Encyclopedia. The placement of Star Trek: The Motion Picture is then in 2267, followed by two subsequent five-year missions for Kirk's Enterprise, putting Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in 2287, and the rest following shortly thereafter.

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