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The Federation Civil War was a conflict in the late 26th century primarily between the Federation and the Terra Federation. (Star Trek: Broken Pieces)

The Cause of the Civil WarEdit

Scholars question the exact cause, some say that it was inevitable that the Federation would one day break apart. But the primary cause of the Civil War most would argue, is the attempted Restoration of Vulcan in 2523. With its unveiling in 2570, there was a rise in Xenophobia, leading to several brutal attacks on non-humans and it finally got to the point where at least 50 planets seceded from the Federation.

The ConflictEdit

In 2574, the Federation starship USS Lyons attempted a diplomatic solution to the situation, traveling to the Terra Federation Capitol of New Earth. The Lyons was fired upon by Terra Federation vessels, and the Federation took this as an end to the possibility of peaceful settlement, and formally declared war on the Terra Federation.

The conflict lasted until 2582, when the battle of Draevok IV finally convinced all parties involved to sit down and negotiate a peace. The result was the Treaty of Regulius, which finally brought hostilities in the Civil War to an end.

5 years later, all sides are still attempting to pick up the pieces from this conflict.

Significant BattlesEdit

These are only a few of the battles fought during the Federation Civil War.

The Battle of the Sol systemEdit

The Federation, still struggling to hold off the Terra Federation attacks, was attacked by an unexpected enemy. The Vulcans officially announced their secession from the Federation, referring to themselves as the Vulcan Imperium, they made their intentions clear as they launched an invasion force on the Sol system.

The small fleet just barely survived long enough for a combined fleet of Klingon and Romulan ships to come to their aid. Both Empires had remained neutral until this point, despite their alliance with the Federation, but arrived just in time to fend off the Vulcan invaders.

The Battle of Draevok IVEdit

Considered by many to be the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, the Federation and the Terra Federation both clashed above the planed Draevok IV. The number of casualties is still unknown because of the massive amounts of losses on both sides and among civilians attempting to flee the planet.

However, this battle did finally get the enemies back to the Negotiating table, and they reluctantly agreed to end hostilities.

Involved PartiesEdit

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