The Federation Council was the legislature of the United Federation of Planets. The Council was made up of Federation Councillors from its various member states and is presided over by the Federation President. Starfleet was answerable to the Federation Council.

History[edit | edit source]

The Federation Council met in San Francisco in 2268 where it also presided over the special court marshal of Admiral James T. Kirk. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

The Federation Council authorized Shadowstar Station's construction in 2286. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station)

Following the revelation that warp drive was damaging spacetime the Council restricted ships to warp 5 unlessd it was an extreme emergency. (TNG: "Force of Nature", "Eye of the Beholder")

The Council dispatched a mediator to Sherman's Planet after a trade dispute erupted between the planet and the surrounding Klingon colonies in 2371. (Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus: "Messages From Home")

In 2372, Admiral James Leyton attempted to lead a coup d'état against the President and Council, which he felt were not able to met the growing threat of the Dominion. The coup failed due to the intervention of Captain Benjamin Sisko and the crew of the USS Defiant. (DS9: "Homefront", "Paradise Lost")

Admiral Matthew Dougherty claimed that the Council approved of the relocation of the Ba'ku from their Ba'ku in the Briar Patch. (Star Trek: Insurrection)

Following the Dominion War Stephen April served as a liaison to the Federation Council. (Star Trek: Arcadia)

The Federation Council condemned Alshain atrocities but due to the Federation's weakened state following the Dominion War and its resources stretched to the limit they were unable to take any further actions. (United Trek)

In 2380, the Council reinstated Peter Koester's rank. (Star Trek: Dauntless)

In 2385, the Council has approved the entry of the Pac-Men to the United Federation of Planets, thus respecting a promise dating back to 2294. (RIS Bouteina: "Extraordinary Summit")

Pendragon timeline[edit | edit source]

Admiral James Leyton succeeded in a coup d’état ousting the Federation President and Council.

Following the end of the Federation Civil War the Council reneged on their promises to the Maquis, leaving them to fend for themselves against the . The Council would adopt an isolationist state for the several years.

In 2374, Captain Jean-Luc Picard exposed the Council's plan to relocate the Ba'ku from their planet.

Star Trek: Pioneer continuity[edit | edit source]

In Star Trek: Pioneer, the Federation Council had chambers in Paris, France. The Council was presided over by a Secretary-General, much like the United Nations on Earth in the 20th century. The Secretary-General acts as the head of the legislative branch of the Federation government, while the President acts as the head of the executive branch. ("For Better or Worse")

Known Secretary-Generals of the Federation Council include: Bill Jordan, former Federation President Himta Mayala, and current Federation Vice President Kaenar Korban.

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