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Federation Installation Nine was a reactivated Kzinti Chugra ‘spear-class space station. It was designated Chugra 10 by the Kzinti but, the Federation renamed it Federation Installation Nine or Station FI-9. Using the initials as a word and running them together with the number nine and considering what it's Commander is, it has already earned the nickname ‘Station Feline'.

It orbits a aging Class M, red giant star in a system with four planets, the two inner ones, Class L with solid surfaces. Being in the demilitarized zone between the Kzinti Patriarchy and the Federation, the system was largely unexplored until the Federation took possession. It was then a ‘discovery' was made. Dilithium crystals! Both planets are rich in them. In addition, the crystals are VERY high quality. FI-9 has become guard and support for the mining operations on the planets in the system.

The station is designed to look like a giant paw print floating in the blackness of space. It is thought the Kzinti did this to make a tangible statement that 'this is' Kzinti space. Ops, Main Engineering, Sick Bay and a common area the Federation intends turning into a bazaar are located in the ‘heel' of the paw print. Each one of the five self-contained ‘toes' contain a weapon's array and, were originally intended as quarters for the station's ranking officer's harem of females. (D'Sefet's Cat House, the logs of Federation Installation Nine‎)

Support craft[edit | edit source]

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