The Federation Legion is a assault military force based loosely of the French Foreign Legion. It was created in the mid-24th Century as way for the Federation President to get by the politics that had at that time bogged the Federation Council, Starfleet and the Federation Marine Corps from assisting worlds that needed help, by either political pressure or violating the Prime Directive. After an initial six year tour of duty, a member of the Federation Legion may apply for Federation Citizenship. Any being may join this group, with the understanding that they are swearing allegiance to the Legion; though the Federation President can ‘suggest’ missions, the Federation Legion Commander is not obligated to follow that suggestion (this allows the president to enjoy the concept of deniability in case a mission of the Legion goes terribly wrong). Just as there are times when the Legion will be deployed against a world, which the Federation president might not agree with. That’s what makes the Legion different; there are no politics, as the Federation Legion Commander sits at the top. Most of the officer corps is made up of former Starfleet and Federation Marine Corps officers. They also have their own enlisted rank grades taken from the French Foreign Legion and the ancient Roman legions although officer ranks duplicate the standard ground ranking system.

Starfleet vessels have in the past transported Federation Legion to areas of conflict, but that has been changing with the addition of ships that are commanded by legionnaires. The Legion also has numerous transport ships and support vessels which allow them to stay out on campaign as long as necessary. The USS Ticonderoga was a Legion vessel that was loaned to Starfleet toward the end of the Dominion War. (Star Trek: Black Hawk)

Notable CommandersEdit

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