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The Federation Marine Corps, sometimes shortened to Marine Corps, is one of the three branches of the Federation military. (Star Trek: Remington)



Division Stationed Commanding officer Regiments
1st Division Alpha Quadrant Deep Space 9 Cole MacArthur 1st Marines 13th Marines 17th Marines 38th Marines
2nd Division Camp Pendleton, Earth S'Tek 2nd Marines 11th Marines 26th Marines 35th Marines
3rd Division Bolarus IX Anna Kingston 3rd Marines 16th Marines 19th Marines 33rd Marines
4th Division Betazed Darwin Bentzen 4th Marines 15th Marines 22nd Marines 31st Marines
5th Division Aegis IV Victoria Hammacher 5th Marines 14th Marines 29th Marines 37th Marines
6th Division Gamma Crucis Sorak 6th Marines 12th Marines 21st Marines 30th Marines
7th Division Beta Quadrant Starbase 844 I'Taar'o 7th Marines 18th Marines 20th Marines 36th Marines
8th Division Delta Volantis III Avra Kostopoulou 8th Marines 23rd Marines 34th Marines 40th Marines
9th Division Niabos Olan Daxu Spari 9th Marines 24th Marines 28th Marines 32nd Marines
10th Division Trathos' Landing Roger Bennett-Caldwell 10th Marines 25th Marines 27th Marines 39th Marines

Each division was divided into four regiments, which were sub-divided into four battalions each. The battalions were further sub-divided into five companies each.



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The Corps was formed as a combat unit in response to various incidents in the years preceding 2380. Despite its name, it is not analogous to the Marines of past Earth militaries, but is a special operations force, used primarily to defend the Federation when Starfleet simply isn't enough. Because Starfleet had seen record numbers of casualties as a result of close quarters combat with the Jem'Hadar during the Dominion War, the Federation Council ordered the formation of a new branch of the military, specifically for the purpose of combat and to be used in the most urgent of situations. Thus, the Federation Marine Corps was formed. However, after the Shinzon Incident of 2379, the Romulan Star Empire, the primary enemy of the Federation, sued for peace, and the Federation was enemyless. Thus, the Corps became mostly a defensive force, used to stop any number of minor threats to the Federation.

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