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Federation Space is a creative but free forum-based role-playing game set 42 years after the events of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager. It has been active since 2000 and is one of the longest-running forum-based RPGs available on the Internet. Players can chose between a career in Science, Medical, Tactical, Security, or Engineering, and rise through the ranks by gaining points each month, based on the quality and quantity of their posts. The site currently has 8 staffed PC ships, 1 staffed NPC ship, 5 Space Stations, and a Academy full of instructors, with room for more. The website offers exciting and interesting storylines as well as sections of the forum for Free-writting. Federation Space has ships that move rather fast and ships that are more relaxed to suit all types and styles of roleplay. The site also offers its own Wiki page for ship schematics, and a few newly created sciences, planets, and other things to spice up the stories. Federation Space's staff is easy to contact, and fellow players are always nice enough to assist in anything that requires it.

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Federation Space role-playing game

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