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The following is a list of starship classes employed by the Federation.

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Class name Type First appearance (known)
Abbé-class PT destroyer 2270
Acclamator-class Shuttlecarrier 2385
Achernar-class Heavy Cruiser 2261
Achilles-class Heavy Cruiser 2373
Aegean-class frigate 24th century
Akira-class Heavy Cruiser 2360s
Akyazi-class Perimeter action ship 2284
Ambassador-class 2344
Amsterdam-class cruiser 24th century
Andoria-class explorer 2361
Andromeda-class Explorer 2385
Aotearoa-class Heavy Cruiser 2371
Apollo-class light cruiser 24th century
Belknap-class Strike Cruiser 2277
Beta Steamrunner-class
Bolarus-class escort 24th century
Bradbury-class 2366
Byrd-class Cruiser 23rd century
Capella-class Escort 24th century
Caracal-class Cruiser 2189
Centaur-class Destroyer 24th century
Challenger-class 2366
Chapman-class Hospital ship 2280
Cheyenne-class 2366
Chimera-class fast frigate 24th century
Cone-class Science vessel
Conqueror-class Heavy Cruiser
Constellation-class Cruiser 2284
Constitution-class Heavy Cruiser 2245
Constitution-class (modified)
Curran-class Patrol Cruiser 2156
Curry-class cruiser/carrier
Daedalus-class Survey Cruiser 2196
Daran-class Frigate 2285
Danube-class Runabout 2369
Death Rider-class Cruiser
Defiant-class Officially: Escort
Unofficially: Warship
Descent-class Battleship
Diligent-class Heavy escort
El Dorado-class Heavy frigate 24th century
Emdor-class antimatter tanker 2370s
Emissary-class Star Cruiser 25th century
Excelsior-class Heavy Cruiser 2285
Falcon-class Strike cruiser 2370s
Fredrikstad-class Shuttlecarrier 2280s
Freedom-class frigate 24th century
Frontier-class Escort 24th century
Gabriel-class Carrier 2360
Gagarin-class Battlecruiser 25th century
Galaxy-class Explorer 2358
Glorus-class Transport 2380s
Heracles-class 2752
Hermes-class Scout 2273
Hermes-class fast cruiser 24th century
Hippocrates-class Hospital ship
Hokule'a-class scout 24th century
Intrepid-class Explorer 2370
Intrepid-class frigate 22nd century
Istanbul-class fast cruiser 24th century
Iwo Jima-class assault ship 2383
Lancaster-class Cruiser 2205
Legacy-class heavy cruiser 24th century
Mediterranean-class frigate 24th century
Merced-class light escort 24th century
Miranda-class Light cruiser/Transport 2285
Morningstar-class heavy cruiser 24th century
Multi-Vector-class Tactical cruiser 2380s
Nebula-class Explorer 2383
New Orleans-class Frigate
Newport-class light frigate 24th century
Niagara-class fast cruiser 24th century
Nomad-class light escort 24th century
Norway-class Medium cruiser 24th century
Nova-class Science vessel 2371
Oberon-class heavy frigate 24th century
Oberth-class Science vessel 2277
Odin-class light cruiser 24th century
Odyssey-class Star Cruiser 25th century
Olympic-class Hospital ship 2277
Orion-class heavy scout 24th century
Pakokku-class Tender 2290s
Pathfinder-class Heavy explorer 2377
Pendragon-class Heavy Cruiser 2379
Phalanx-class Heavy Cruiser 2371
Pollux-class escort 24th century
Prometheus-class Long Range Tactical Cruiser 2374
Ptolemy-class Tug/Transport 2285
Pyrenees-class frigate 24th century
Quantum-class Explorer 2379
Ranger-class Explorer 22nd century
Gustav P. Remington-class Explorer 2382
Renaissance-class Cruiser 24th century
Rigel-class Heavy scout 24th century
Saber-class Light Cruiser 24th century
Saladin-class Destroyer 2284
Santa Fe-class light frigate 24th century
Sequoia-class Heavy cruiser 24th century
Shelley-class Carrier 24th century
Shinjuku-class Cruiser 23rd century
Shir'Kahr-class Frigate 24th century
Sovereign-class Heavy Cruiser 2372
Springfield-class light frigate 24th century
Steamrunner-class Heavy frigate 2373
The Sullivans-class heavy frigate
Surak-class escort 24th century
Synergy-class Runabout 2378
Tupuna-class Light Cruiser 2372
Ukora-class light frigate 24th century
Umbria-class light escort 24th century
Vigilant-class scout 24th century
W13 Galaxy-class Heavy Cruiser 2371
Whakahaere-class Cruiser Late 23rd century
Whakanui-class Light Cruiser Late 23rd century
Yeager-class light cruiser 24th century
Yellowstone-class Runabout 2371
Zodiac-class cruiser 24th century

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