"Fight, Part II" & "Fight, Part III" were two episodes within the twentieth episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. The episode was part of the first season and was a compilation of the final two parts of a three episode arc.

Fight, Part IIEdit

Klokian returns and captures Daniel inside an omni-sphere. With this, Klokian is able to bring Daniel back to his homeworld in order to process the omnipotent being. Meanwhile, the Phoenix-X attempts to track them down.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Death is nothing to a Q. If you want, you can die and be born again anytime you want. Experiences which personally, I find pathetic."

"But what about the afterlife?"
"Go if you wish. It's open to any superior or inferior life form. But I've never seen any Q get back.
Daniel and Q

Background informationEdit

  • It is realized that Klokian's are the only beings capable of harming and capturing an omnipotent being.
  • The Klokian all share the same name, or variation of it: Klokian.

Fight, Part IIIEdit

Commander Night Gotens decides to finally leave ancient Earth and return to the 24th century in Klokian's timeship. But upon returning, he is forced to bring the Phoenix-X to the 39th century, where Captain Daniel is being kept on the Klokian homeworld.

Memorable quotesEdit

"I think we have just stumbled onto a whole new level of this trekking thing. "

Background informationEdit

  • At the end of this episode, the Phoenix-X obtains Klokian's timeship, therefore having the ability to travel through time. But this is easily overshadowed by Daniel's powers, which ascend time, space and matter.

Episode 20 background informationEdit

  • The three-part Fight episode trilogy is an obvious crossover to Xena: Warrior Princess; although events contradict said series.

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