"Final Order" is the fourteenth episode of Star Trek: Unity (fan film series), a fan film series. It is the final episode of the initial incarnation of the series, features the final regular appearances of the majority of the characters and ends the "Borg Emperor" and "Iccobar" story arcs, whilst wrapping up the loose ends of the series. The episode is the second part to "Duel of the Fates".


Puto and Lewis must face the Borg and Iccobar onslaught, whilst dealing with Green Warriors, and a Romulan siege of Beta Thoridor II. Lewis will face his father, whilst Puto must work against time to save the future. It’s the Emperor’s Final Order, and sacrifices will be made…


  • Until the release of "Doomsday, Part Two" this episode was the longest episode of the series, running at just over 38 minutes.
  • The last line of the series is the same as the first. Puto first remarked: "What! I can't believe you did that!", when Tina Nuttol jokingly claimed she had placed a bet in the ship's pool that Puto would cause the destruction of Unity. Puto says the same at the conclusion of this episode when Lewis says he placed a similar bet.
  • Captain's Claire Hayward and Rachel Goodwin appear in this episode, but have no lines. They are quickly stunned by Lewis and taken away for Iccobar parasite extraction.

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