First Battle of Deep Space 9
Part of Klingon-Cardassian War
Vorcha fleet, battle ds9
Date: Stardate 49011.4
Location: Deep Space 9
Result: Indecisive Federation victory
United Federation of Planets, Bajoran Militia Klingon Empire
Captain Benjamin Sisko Chancellor Gowron, General Martok
Deep Space 9 Several dozen ships
None 11+

The First Battle of Deep Space 9 occurred in early 2372 when a Klingon task force attacked the Federation administered Deep Space 9 in an attempt to capture the Cardassian Detapa Council members under Captain Benjamin Sisko's protection on the station.

Following the USS Defiant's rescue of the Detapa Council the Klingon fleet redeployed its forces to Deep Space 9 hoping to capture the leaders of the Cardassian Union. The fleet arrived at the station at the same time as the Defiant, Gowron and Martok then demanded the immediate surrender of the council members or they would take them by force.

Captain Sisko attempted to discourage the Klingon attack by warning them of the station's recent weapons upgrade. Gorwon compared Sisko's warning to a "toothless old Grishnar cat, trying to frighten us with your roar." Even when the Klingons' sensor scan confirmed Sisko's claim Martok remained unconvinced claiming it to be trick and Gorwon promptly ordered his ships to attack.

Battle ds9 station

Deep Space 9's upgraded defenses open fire

It was soon obvious that it had not been a trick and the station quickly destroyed eight warships and heavily damaged a number of others. Sisko again tried to persuade Gorwon to stand down, but Gorwon ignored his attempts, pressing the attack.

IKS NeghVar attack

The Negh'Var fires on the station's shield generators

The IKS Negh'Var was able to damage the station's shields, opening a gap that allowed the Klingons to launch a boarding action to try and capture the station. The station's defenders managed to beat back the boarders, containing them by the time the station's shields were brought back up. The Klingon fleet massed for another attack, however the Klingons had run out of time with Admiral Hastur's Starfleet task force nearing the Bajor system and Gorwon's reinforcements still some distance away.

Battle ds9 klingons

Klingon boarding parties invade Ops

Gorwon made one final attempt to convince Sisko to surrender. However Sisko was able to talk down the Klingon Chancellor, convincing him that the Klingons could not afford to also battle against the Federation. Gorwon stood down his forces and pulled back to the Cardassian border to fortify the empire's newly conquered territories. (DS9: "The Way of the Warrior")

The tensions between the two powers would finally boil over at the end of 2372 with the beginning of the Second Federation-Klingon War. (DS9: "Broken Link")

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