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"First Contact" is episode two of season one Star Trek: Constance

Title quote[]

"First Contact can be crucial. A First Contact with a species can mean another enemy or another ally, preferably the former, but fate is a fickle thing."
— Chapter 2 opening


The chapter starts a few days after Rachel Covaks is officially made captain of the USS Constance. While waiting for her first officer, she is approached by Melody Irea, and agrees to take her own as an acting ensign so she can gain experience on board a starship. Melody meets up with the Chief Engineer Lora Heinrichs, who agrees to teach her about engineering. At around this time, a poker game is going on between Syre, Ivark, and several other crewmembers, Ivark gives up but only to have counselor Reana Corbell take his place. After the arrival of Commander Drash Kada, the Constance is sent to Fenra IV to make first contact with the Fenarans.

En-route to the planet, Drash Kada discussed the possibility of traveling to the planet and being involved in the First Contact with the Andorian Bartender Tarish. At the same time, Rachel Covaks and Reana Corbell discuss the incident on the USS Morgana, if not entirely in detail.

Upon arrival at Fenra IV, Commander Drash expressed an interest in transporting down to the planet, and the first signs of trouble appear as a ship approaches at High Warp. Commander Drash made contact with the local population in the capital city and was informed of an upcoming meeting that would feature an important announcement. After conferring with Captain Covaks, she attended the meeting where an Orion KDF officer named Elira made the proposal to the people to join the Klingon Empire, she would go on to execute an Undine infiltrator that had taken on the appearance of a Starfleet officer sent to observe the Fenarans.

Captain Covaks chose to transport down to the planet after the arrival of the Fenaran Warp Ship and made the appeal to the lead scientist Dr. Horban. Convincing him of the threat posed by the Klingon Empire, she sent him back down to the planet just as the Mish'ra dropped out of warp, captained by Mesla of the Klingon Defense Force. After a confrontation with the Klingon vessel, Mesla agreed to pull out, and Dr. Horban had convinced the government to not ally itself with the Klingons.

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