The First Ones are the mythical/legendary species who once inhabited the Oralian sector. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

All species of the Oralian sector have heard of the First Ones, their only knowledge of them comes from the Oppressors and their technology, which most people believed had been taken by the Oppressors from the planets that the First Ones abandoned when they left the Oralian sector. It is believed to be fact that the mass driver technology used by the Oppressors and now the So'ja Coalition was taken from the First Ones's technology. The Kobalians believed the Oralians and the First Ones where the same race. The so'jan believed the First Ones to be a species that preceded the Oralians. ("Monks of Or'pec")

Tyson Calok asserted that the Monks of Joc-Duloc are the former students of the First Ones and it is from them that he has acquired his knowledge of Oppressor and "Oralian" technology. Other than remnants of Oppressor writings and technology there is no real evidence left behind by the First Ones. ("Everything Changes")

In late 2382, Tyson Calok revealed to L'mar that he believed that some of the First Ones where still in the Oralian sector and that their power should be feared. ("Torment and Woe")

According to the inhabitants of the planet Yoth, the enigmatic creature known as The Beast came into being at the same time as the First Ones. ("The Forgotten Planet")

According to the human historian Dr. Lilith Adar, some scholars have speculated that the Preservers and the First Ones may be one and the same. ("Obsession")

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