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"For Want of a Nail" is the second episode of Starship Farragut, an independent film series based on the original "Star Trek" television series. It is currently available to view and download on the official website.


Captain Carter, Mister Prescott and Doctor Holley are thrown back in time while trying to transport to the planet Solon Prime. Finding themselves on Earth, in the middle of the American Revolutionary War, they must keep themselves from altering the future with their actions in the past.

Primary cast[]

Supporting characters/cast[]

USS Farragut crew/cast[]

  • Lieutenant Hayes (played by Bruce Dennis)
  • Lieutenant Michaels (played by Eric Lund)
  • Ensign Akiva (played by Jake Azachi)
  • Ensign Roy Adam Morris (played by Dean Rogers)
  • Lieutenant Russell Gates (played by Ron Gates)
  • Crewman (played by John Lenwell)
  • Yeoman (played by Case Aiken)

Guest characters/cast[]

  • Alondar (played by John Kirby)
  • Batarus (played by Trey Thomas)
  • Solonai Technician 1 (played by Robin Madel)
  • Solonai Technician 2 (played by Richard Sprague)
  • Caleb (played by Jamie Hanna)
  • The General (played by Mark Hildebrand)
  • General's Aid (played by Sean Mullin)
  • Guards/Scouts (played by Jim Rockwell, Dan Schluter, Michael Steen, Brooke's Company)


"Well. I would call that a person of significance."
Hank Prescott on meeting George Washington
"Either of you ever assisted in surgery before? Between the bullet, the boat ride and the cold, I'm not in the best of moods!"
Doc Holley to Carter and Prescott
"Now that we've stabilized our orbit, what can I do for you Commander?"
Smithfield to Tacket

Background information[]

  • The ending features a very familiar symbol being created in the past. One that will haunt many more crews to come.

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