Fortune is a fan fiction novel written by the pseudonymous Jespah and is a part of In Between Days. It follows the birth of Malcolm Reed's son, Declan Reed, the repentance and rehabilitation of Douglas Jay Hayes Beckett, and Q considering mating with Kathryn Janeway in order to end a Q Continuum Civil war (VOY: "The Q and the Grey").

It's October of 2161, and Reed is called into Jonathan Archer's Ready room. Archer cannot understand why Reed is asking for brief leave, and then two years a few months later. It comes out that Reed hasn't told anyone of his impeding fatherhood. Furthermore, he has not told anyone that he is a part of the open marriage of Lili O'Day and Doug Beckett.

Surprised, Archer arranges for a small celebration at Movie night, having Chandler Masterson replace the original film, Pulp Fiction, with Kramer vs. Kramer. Champagne is poured, and Reed is toasted.

As Reed leaves for the birth, Charles Tucker III expresses melancholy that his own child, Elizabeth, did not survive. He further reveals that he continues to miss Hoshi Sato, with whom he was paired in 2159. Travis Mayweather expresses regret that he did not necessarily treat Jennifer Crossman as well as he could have in 2159. (In Between Days:Together).

Meanwhile, on Lafa II, as the baby is born via cesarean section, a storm is brewing, as Doug's crimes come to the surface and the Q Continuum's civil war threatens to pull apart the galaxy, in both Malcolm's time period and Kathryn Janeway's.

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