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Last year, a user of the german Star Trek Site created a german wiki which he claimed as the german version of STExpanded. (Accessable under In the forum, we were all happy about it and so, some users of the forum started posting in the new wiki without proofing his claims.

I started to think that something is probably not right about the wiki, because on the english version of STExpanded, there were no links to this german version and the german version has different posting rules than the english versions. (In the german version, Articles don't have to be sourced.) Nevertheless, I posted articles on the german site.

Later, the admin of the german STExpanded site was banned from and I began to think that this guy created the site without asking you about it.

(Because of the bad reputation the admin of the german STExpanded site earned on many forums because of his bad behavior, his german version of STExpanded is also nearly dead, because nearly no one wants to post there anymore. The admin of this german site wasn't on his site since nearly half of a year.)

I thought it would be better to inform you about this bad incident.

(Meanwhile, another german Fanfiction Wiki was created, which is independant from STExpanded and this german 13:58, January 6, 2010 (UTC)