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As you all should be aware of by now Wikia is changing Monaco for a new skin simply called "Wikia". From today all logged on users should be able to view the skin. To do so go to your user preferences, select the skin tab and lick the radio button next to New Wikia look. Users may continue to use Monaco but be aware that you will be eventually forced to change since on the 3rd of November Monaco will be removed.

For those new to the skin you might want to visit the pages here: Welcome to Wikia. If you have any troubles you can post them here and I (or anyone who has used the skin) will try to help. – JayLR 04:11, October 7, 2010 (UTC)

Added a new template: {{fix}}. If anyone comes across a page that isn't displaying properly due to the skin changes they can tag it with fix, which will them gathered together to make it easier to find and deal with pages that need a bit of work to fit in with the new skin. I think it will be mostly tables that extend over into the right rail (the thing with the activity, add photo, etc). Of course if you think you can fix the issue go ahead.

If you see that certain sidebars (currently Template:Starship-sidebar) are acting funny with their images, showing stuff like File: and 200px]] around the image, that isn't a skin issue. That is because I've adjusted the templates so that the images in them are all one set width. Pages that just have that issue don't need to be tagged with Template:fix. – JayLR 16:13, October 7, 2010 (UTC)