The Fragma Alliance was a group of rogue ships from other species that banded together in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Their way of life was to steal technologies from other aliens and adapt the technologies to their own ships. One such adaptation was transwarp capability. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


Joining The Fragma Alliance wasn't easy and usually took a battle of the wits. But when joined, a vessel would surrender itself to the fleet and parts would be taken away and or added: according to what the Fragma thought was necessary. In most cases where one's vessel is weak, it is upgraded to fit in the fleet as an equal power. ("Crystal Method, Part I")

Life in the Alliance

Living with the Fragma Alliance succumbs one Captain's loyalty to them. Although one has a great amount of free-will, he must also join the Alliance whenever called upon. Most of the time, all the Alliance ship's, which is not many, are flying around in a gathering formation.

If one vessel decides to go against the Alliance and leave the group - then that vessel's Membership is revoked, and must be hunted down and destroyed.

A lot of time in the Fragma Alliance is spent raiding other vessels for more technology to add to their own ships. ("BaKardi Slang", "Crystal Method, Part II", "Transphasic Meltdown")


The Fragma Alliance does not dishonour promises in lives-exchanging situations. They are very specific about issues of revenge and negotiating. Meaning, all things must be honoured and followed through if situations as such arise.

In some cases, revenge against an enemy is tradible to others much like a commodity. ("BaKardi Slang")

Weapons & Technology


TechShips were starships with experimental and advanced technologies aboard it. These technologies are the focus of the ship, developing them as they simultaneously serve to run the ship. The Valecron species were also known to have TechShips serve their fleet.

These are some of the known TechShips comprising the Frama Alliance itself.


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