For the medical technician in the Star Trek: Phase II episodes "Blood and Fire", Parts 1 and 2, see Alex Freeman.

Jerry Paul Freeman was a Federation Starfleet officer on active duty in the 23rd century.

Freeman had no canon given names. He was originally scripted as a role for David Gerrold -- whose real name was Jerrold Friedman -- to play in TOS: "The Trouble With Tribbles". Paul is from Orion Press continuity (apparently after Paul Baxley), while Jerry is from the TOS novel: My Enemy, My Ally, written by Diane Duane, who was a writing student of Gerrold's.

Lieutenant Freeman was nominally assigned to the security department of the USS Enterprise, though he was cross-trained in other specialties, including xenobiology. In 2267, he was among those Starfleet officers involved in a barrroom brawl on Space Station K-7. ("The Trouble With Tribbles")

Freeman was assigned to Enterprise through at least 2275, where he was part of a contingent raiding a Romulan space station. (TOS novel: My Enemy, My Ally)

By 2286, Freeman was commanding officer of the USS Hathaway, where Saavik was briefly his first officer. (Orion Press: Chekov's Enterprise) At the end of 2295, Hathaway was assigned to the Sixth Fleet and tasked with further exploration of the Beta Quadrant. (Orion Press: "New Orders")
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