From Bajor to the Black is a two-part Star Trek Online fanfic by StarSword. It is chronologically the earliest story starring Kanril Eleya and the seventh in publishing order. It was written for Literary Challenge #66: "The Xindi Paradox".

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At an unknown 25th century date Kanril Eleya is interviewed by Jake Sisko and asked why she joined Starfleet. Eleya begins to reminisce about her backstory, and in a series of vignettes tells how she first joined the Bajoran Militia, then transferred to Starfleet to become an officer, experienced love and heartbreak at Starfleet Academy, and finally took her first command at Vega IX.

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"How’d I get here? How did I enter Starfleet? You really want to know?
Nothing really Bajor-shaking, honestly. I didn’t have any relative who died gloriously in battle. Okay, yeah, my father fought in the Resistance, and
his father even died in the Kendra Valley Massacre, but Kanril Torvo made it out of the Occupation with his skin mostly intact and didn’t join the Militia afterward. And it wasn’t patriotism, I think, though that’s one of my reasons for staying nowadays.
The lifestyle? Oh, Hell no! Let’s face it, it sucks a lot of the time. The “strange new worlds” they show you in the recruitment vids are the good days; the rest of them are “woohoo, another average star with a bunch of dead rocks orbiting it”. And I don’t like really like killing people, although I’m very good at it.
You want to know how I ended up in Starfleet? This is how.
Captain Kanril Eleya
"Lieutenant, I am a transporter operator, not a soldier."
"Petty Officer T'Shar, I rather doubt the boltheads are going to care one way or the other!"
Petty Officer T'Shar and Lieutenant (JG) Kanril Eleya

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Sherik AkasAzroPeter Ben-DavidRoro BroshDalmekJerrod DaltonBynam EhrobElwarFadilDaisuke HusseinKanril EleyaKanril ShoraKanril TorvoKanril TeranKarryn RettaLemriM'shassNasNas TihoTerel KhasTesjha PhohlArahael t'RannochJake SiskoT'ShaeT'SharTemToris LemJasmine VelasquezVibolJay Yim
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Alfred DetweilerJ'mpokJaro EssaKusnetsovaHaelivthras th'Shvrashlizh'ThirialTor Jolan

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Federation-Klingon War (2405-2410)
Referenced only 
Kendra Valley MassacreOccupation of Bajor


Bajor: Camp Li, Dakhur Province, Kendra City, Kendra Province, Mount Bahatan, Priyat, Samren Province, Serpent's RidgeDeep Space 9Earth: Club Berliner,San Francisco, San Francisco Bay, Starfleet AcademyRomulan Neutral ZoneVega: Vega IXZeta Andromedae sector block
Referenced only 
Adris IslandsAldebaran PrimeAlhare UniversityAshallaCamp ShakaarGamma QuadrantKabulNapa ValleyNova RomaPerikian ProvinceStarbase 138TellarVulcan

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acting captainadmiralbrevetcadetcaptaincaptain (infantry)chief engineercolonelcommandercommanding officerensignflag officer-in-commandgunnery sergeantlance corporallieutenantlieutenant commanderlieutenant junior gradenon-commissioned officerpetty officerpetty officer third classsergeantsquad leadertactical officerweapons officer
Referenced only 
Chancellor of the Klingon High Council

Starships and vehiclesEdit

Borg cubeBorg probeGallant-class passenger linerinfantry fighting vehicleRBS Kira Nerys (Chok Thol-class) • USS Betazed (Regent-class) • USS Kagoshima (Shi'kahr-class) • USS Khitomer (Noble-class) • USS Mosul (Dervish-class) • USS Szczerbiec (Excalibur-class) • USS Seacole (Olympic-class) • USS Ulfberht (Excalibur-class)
Referenced only 
Intrepid-class cruiserrunaboutUSS Planck

States and organizationsEdit

Bajoran Militia: Space Arm, Surface ArmBajoran Nationalist PartyBorg CollectiveChamber of MinistersConservative AssociationDominionImperial Senate of the Romulan Star EmpireRepublic of BajorRomulan RepublicRomulan Star EmpireSocialistStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Andorian Imperial Guard

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cutting beamdeflector shieldescape podimmunotherapyphaser arrayphaser pistolphaser riflephoton torpedoquantum torpedotorpedo launchertractor beamtransportertranswarp
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Ahuar Zorn scholarshipavocadoBajoran languagebloodwineCardassian languagechakar daranhamburgerhara catHathon hammerjumja stickkava juicekanarKrav MagaOperation ReturnRevolutionary WarRihanScotch and soda • sexstardusttlhIngan Holwine
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  • The final segment of From Bajor to the Black is loosely based on the pre-Season 8 Star Trek Online tutorial, but does not feature a surface landing stage and disregards the casting of the Federation player character as a green ensign, with Kanril instead a lieutenant junior grade with several years of prior enlisted service.

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