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Patrick Ingrum attends a special conference. Meanwhile, the newest member of the Baldwin family is about to arrive.

Log Entries[edit | edit source]

First Officer's Log, Stardate 53979.8: We are on the final leg of a survey mission in Cardassian space. Years of military control of Cardassian society, along with the Dominion's takeover of Cardassia during the war, have rendered much of Cardassian space essentially unexplored.
There has been a personnel change: Our chief engineer, Lt. Cmdr. Bridget Ingrum, is nearly due. She has recently begun her maternity leave. Her lead assistant, Lieutenant Sonara, is now acting chief engineer."
Captain's Log: I have fought in battle for two years against the Dominion. I've been captured twice by Khan. I've endeavored to bring relief to a desolated Cardassia. However, there is no mission more important than the one I now undertake. I am now a father for the first time, and now formally welcome the newest addition to my family, and to USS Baldwin: Tiana Allison Ingrum, born at 0200 on May 9, 2377, Stardate 54000."

Memorable quotes[edit | edit source]

"What can I do for you, sir?"
"I need you to report to Deep Space Nine for a special debriefing regarding the Khan situation."
"Yes, sir, I will be on my way here in 20 minutes. Hopefully, there won't be any warbugs ready to crash my runabout."
"Captain, what about this Bridget?"
"Sorry, sir. Bridget is my wife, and is 9 months pregnant with our first child, a girl."
"I see. What can you tell me about Mrs. Ingrum?"
"I'm not sure I understand, sir. I'm a starship captain, not a psychologist. Besides, I'm too close to her to give an objective opinion."
"I understand, but you still bring a unique perspective into this situation. I want to know what you think of Bridget as a person."
"When I was captured by Khan during when he stole the Dreadnought from Torros III, Dr. Murrow expressed a loyalty to what he had realized were his children."
"I take it that means, by extension, you as well?"
"Yes, Admiral."
  • Patrick Ingrum and Admiral Dillon
"What has Wildfire been up to?"
"We've been split between Cardassian support runs and patrols near the Red Zone."
"I've been working at getting the explorer ships off of patrol duty. I've noticed that the Cardassian space need to be re-mapped and explored."
"That would be a nice change."
"Permission to come aboard."
"Permission granted."
  • Patrick Ingrum and Amanda Stacey, at Wildfire's airlock
"Make it so!"
  • Patrick Ingrum and Amanda Stacey, giving the order to head for Baldwin
"Hey, I understand that you're having problems with your warp drive."
"Unfortunately, I think we're going to need a tow."
"Call it, 0200 on the mark. It's a girl, 3 kilograms, 40 centimeters."

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Patrick's first briefing with the Admirals is a summary of The Return of Khan.
  • The story - and "season" end with the birth of Tiana. The closing log entry has the stardate at the end, along with the Gregorian Calendar date.
  • The story title comes from the 1983 album from Journey, following Infinity, Evolution, and Departure. The song which Patrick sings while on the Wildfire - "Faithfully" - is also off of that album. The title is meant to suggest that starting a family is itself a new frontier for a first-time parent.
  • Bridget returns from maternity leave just prior to "Against the Wind"

References[edit | edit source]

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