Gabriel Angelos was a captain of the Blood Ravens chapter of Space Marines in a possible 41st millennium. He was important in establishing relations between the Imperium of Man and the  USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) after the latter arrived in the 41st millennium. Something had duplicated the Enterprise and pulled one ship into the future and left the other alone; it is unknown which was which.

When the Enterprise arrived, Angelos was travelling aboard the Bibliothèque following a conflict on the planet Tartarus. However, he authorised Captain Ufrat to change course to meet the distressed ship. After the Enterprise was docked inside one of Bibliothèque's hangar bays, Angelos visited the ship alongside his artificer, Gana. He received a tour from Pavel Chekov and eventually reached Recreation Room 3. He chose that moment to tell the crew that it would take two days to reach their destination, their plans for the ship, and that he was open to further questions. He also asked the Bolian Ensign Yoqra if all Humans on her world were blue before revealing the Blood Ravens had 7 Bolian Battle-Brothers.

Following an attack on Enterprise that led to a warp core breach, Angelos and Gana were one of 47 people aboard who managed to escape and were rescued either by the Bibliothèque or the Space Wolf cruiser Firemane's Fang. Angelos then sent the remaining Starfleet crew down to the Garden World of Reolaz III whilst also making several officers such as Martha Landon a Blood Ravens Protectorate to allow them access to restricted items.

When the Imperium sent the Starfleet crew to a Space Hulk to restore the derelict USS Miranda and Enterprise (NX-01), Angelos chose to command from the mission from the Blood Ravens vessel rather than lead in person. He was joined by Leonard McCoy. Angelos also gave the crew Ignatus power armour to replace their relatively fragile environmental suits, though Admiral Talunas chose a surplus Adepta Sororitas suit instead.

After the vessels were successfully recovered, Angelos informed the survivors that the ships should be operational again in 200 years. He then revealed that whilst the crew could not be set free as they came from the distant past, they were welcome in many of the Imperium's institutions, including as Blood Raven helpers. (38589 Years Difference)

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