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The Geltans were a "triaxal" race in the mirror universe. This means that for a child, there are two 'blood' parents, but the child is raised by a third party - the Triax. The Triax has control over the child's upbringing and education. (Star Trek: Shattered Universe)

It is possible this race exists in the primary universe, although it hasn't been confirmed.

Lea Tor was a Geltan assistant aboard the ISS Descent in 2383.

Geltan homeworld[]


Trebiscal was a small coastal town on the Geltan homeworld. It was well known for its glass beaches and excellent waterside food.

Triaxal race[]

A Triax is a third parent. This third gender is essentially a mentor, separate and not connected genetically to the child being brought up. The Triax performs all of the duties of education and instruction, but the child still resides with, and is loved by, its 'blood' (biological) parents.

If the Triax parent dies, then the Triax's responsibility devolves back to the 'blood' parents. There can be no replacement of a Triaxal parent.

Physical appearance[]

Most Geltans are tall, long and slender. Lea Tor was a prime example of this.

Background information[]