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Generational Ghosts is the fifteenth episode of Star Trek: The Stoneship Files and the opening episode of TSF's second season.


Act 1[]

While launching a distress call, the Kishuna complained about inoperative controls, and further hails made by the Stoneship revealed that the ship in distress only sends out a recording. Upon realizing, at first, that the Kishuna had no lifeform onboard, they decide to privateer the starship. The crew starts quarreling upon approaching the target, while an attack fighter is launched in order to disable the target's shields. Once the shields are down, the crew onboard does not want to quarrel anymore, even as they beam down a boarding party.

Act 2[]

The crew realizes, upon boarding the ship, that the Kishuna is actually a sleeper ship and they proceed to awaken the occupants, who revealed themselves to be survivors of the U'lanna Civil War. Because of that, they realize that their ship flew for 3,000 years. Upon rescuing the Khadims, they contact Starfleet Command and they tow the relic back to Starbase 47 (Lyran), where they receive their new long-term mission: tracking down and destroying all remaining rogue U'lanna starships, thus marking the beginning of the U'lanna Campaign.

Act 3[]

Once arrived at the starbase, Mandy Guilmain, alongside Brianna Reiss, Fariss and Atenza, start judging entries for a full scholarship to a film school. Midway through the judging, they receive a report that a rogue Jem'Hadar battleship, Beta-23, has been found over Xita and later formulate a plan to destroy it, requiring phased plasma torpedoes to carry out. At the same time, Starfleet Command reached a decision to relocate the Khadims to Montrosa.

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