Geordi La Forge was a Starfleet officer on active duty in at least the 24th century.

LaForge was born in the African Confederation on 16 February, 2335 (TNG: "Cause and Effect") to Edward and Silva LaForge. (TNG: "Interface") He was raised in the city of Mogadishu (TNG novel: Losing the Peace), where he graduated from Zefram Cochrane High School. (Star Trek: First Contact)

LaForge served aboard the USS Enterprise-D from 2364 until her destruction in 2371. Originally the conn officer aboard Enterprise, he was promoted to chief engineer in 2365, a position he would also hold aboard the USS Enterprise-E until 2383. Blind from birth, Geordi saw with the aid of a VISOR, and later received ocular implants. Aboard the Enterprise, he was the best friend of the android Data. (TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint", "The Child", "Data's Day", et. al; Star Trek Generations; Star Trek: First Contact)

Commander LaForge joined a team of engineering specialists aboard USS Challenger to repair a long-lost NX-class ship in 2383. (TNG novel: Indistinguishable From Magic)

By 2385, he was promoted to captain and became the commanding officer of the Challenger. (Indistinguishable From Magic, Star Trek: Artemis)

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