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"Ghost Ship" was the first episode of Star Trek: Dragon, written by Jon Wasik, and part 1 of the Dimensional Exploration trilogy.


Captain Christopher Harriman must find crew-members to fill key roles for his new command, the USS Dragon-A, a ship named after the recently destroyed Galaxy-class USS Dragon, first of the Dragon class. As the Dragon heads toward Deep Space 9 to pick up the remaining crew-members, they receive a distress signal from the USS Excelsior under the command of Hikaru Sulu. The Excelsior had gone missing almost a hundred years before. The message originates from the Marauder Nebula, where intense gravity is crushing the ship. The Dragon also detects a highly unusual temporal anomaly near the Excelsior's position, further threatening the legendary ship.

The Dragon heads over to render assistance, but is pulled into the temporal anomaly with the Excelsior. Some of the crew become unconscious right after entering the anomaly, including Captain Harriman, who remains unconscious for almost a day. Harriman meets with Captain Sulu while both ships attempt to effect repairs. When the Dragon's sensors are fixed, they discover that they are in the 20th century mirror universe, approximately two months after the beginning of the Eugenics Wars. A few days later, they determine that if they go through the anomaly a few more times, the Dragon crew can collect enough data to find a way back home. The episode ends with the crew preparing to enter the anomaly.

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