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"Ghost Ship" was released 25 December 2007 as the pilot episode of Star Trek: The Continuing Mission. Ghost Ship was part I of the two part opening episodes.


In the 23rd century: After a brief shore leave on an uninhabited world in the Relgar system Captain Edwards and the crew of the USS Montana are called to investigate an attack in the neighboring system of Epsilon. The Epsilon system is home to Yeager Outpost a top secret facility involved in research involving dilithium "re-crystallization". Starfleet fears the Klingons are attacking Yeager Outpost to gain a foothold in Federation Territory. The Montana enters the Epsilon system ready to do battle with any Klingon ships in the area and discover that while the weapon signatures on the scorched outpost are Klingon a Romulan warship decloaks and attacks them without warning. In the ensuing battle Edwards discovers the identity of his enemy, Commander Vellar. Vellar threatens Edwards to leave but in the brief firefight the Montana unleashes a flurry of weapons fire forcing the attacker to withdraw. When Vellar withdraws the Montana moves in to beam down medical teams to the base when the Romulan warship starts on a collision course. The Montana fires again, this time disabling the Romulan attacker. Seconds later the Montana starts to be pulled towards a rip in the space time continuum that they can't break free from. The ship and crew find themselves in good mechanical condition and start to head back to Yeager outpost. Before they can get back to the planet they are intercepted by the USS Yorktown under the command of Captain Klein. Klein informs them that they have travelled into the 24th century...

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  • Production of Ghost Ship began 28 August 2007
  • A rough cut version of the first minute of this episode was released on Treks in Sci Fi Podcast on 29 September 2007
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