"My grandfather died on the Melbourne; I’m not gonna sit here and listen—"
"Sit down. That’s an order. I’m sorry to hear that, but a good officer is compelled to evaluate what’s happened, so he can apply what he’s learned."
Gilad Ronson and Tyria Sark (The War of the Masters: "The Silence Ends")

Gilad Ronson was a male Trill active in the Federation Starfleet in the early 25th century. (The War of the Masters)

The character is identified only as "Ronson" in "The Silence Ends", but author starswordc stated his given name in an accompanying forum post.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ronson's grandfather was a crew member of the USS Melbourne who died in the Battle of Wolf 359 in 2367. Ronson was born on a colony in the outer Trill System in the 24th century.

In 2407 Ronson was attending Leran Manev State University as a Starfleet ROTC cadet. During a military history lecture by Tyria Sark he was offended by Sark's description of the loss of the Melbourne as a "classic failure of a complacent peacetime Starfleet" and was about to storm out of the lecture hall. Sark ordered him to return to his chair and chided him for his behavior. ("The Silence Ends")

By 2411 Ronson had been commissioned as an ensign and was assigned to USS Black Prince as conn officer and tactical officer under now-Captain Sark, coming aboard after the launch ceremony in February. During an assignment the next month, Jasmine Velasquez quizzed him about Sark over dinner in hopes of getting him to have sex with her. Ronson found the older woman too intimidating and left the mess hall.

Ronson later flew Black Prince's Alpha section during a brief dogfight with Jem-Hadar attack ships. ("A Good Compromise")

In 2412 Ronson held the rank of lieutenant junior grade. ("The Silence Ends")

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