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Ginerva Molly Weasley was a member of a six-person contingent of people from planet Gamma Germanicus VII (a planet in the Gamma Quadrant) who helped to defend the galaxy from the combined forces of the Suliban and their ally, Voldemort. (Harry Potter and the Return of James T. Kirk)

Early History[]

There is not much known about the youngest member of the so-called "Dumbledore's Army" until 1992 (GG7 dating) and her first year at Hogwarts School. Then, she was an unwitting part of a plan by Voldemort to kill Harry Potter.



Harold James "Harry" Potter

During her fourth year at Hogwarts School, Ginny fell in love with Harold James "Harry" Potter, best friend of her older brother, Ron. Two years later, Harry proposed to Ginny, who accepted.

On Stardate 58013, Harold James Potter and Ginerva Molly Weasley were married in the Great Hall of Hogwarts School in a ceremony officiated by USS Titan Captain William T. Riker.

But as it turned out, even during those events, Ginny was plotting against Harry: at a dinner party hosted by Klingon Chancellor Martok, Ginny and Ron were overheard by Kruge discussing their concerns that Harry and his head of ambassadorial security, Hermione Granger, would still fall in love--thus necessitating an increase in the potency of "aversion potions" to keep Harry and Hermione apart. (Harry Potter and the Fountain of Possibilities: "Wrong Place, Wrong Time")

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