Salvatore Antonio "Barry" Giotto was a Federation Starfleet security officer on active duty in the 23rd century.

Giotto had no canonical given name. He is called Barry Giotto in the Star Trek: New Earth novel: Wagon Train to the Stars -- after the actor who portrayed him -- and Antonio Giotto in TOS novel: The Janus Gate trilogy: Past Prologue, but Salvatore Giotto in the TOS novel: A Choice of Catastrophes, published years later.
It's possible Giotto had different given names in different continuities, or that Barry was a nickname, possibly derived from a middle name (which would especially be the case if his given name was after a close relative).

Giotto had been assigned as a Federation embassy guard on Grex at the same time as George Samuel Kirk, Sr., c. 2247. (Past Prologue)

In the 2260s, Giotto was assigned as chief of security during James T. Kirk's first five-year mission as captain of the Enterprise. (TOS: "Devil in the Dark")

Following the end of this mission in 2270, Giotto was slated to take a deskbound billet as senior security advisor to the Chief of Operations at Starbase 21. (Absolute Horizon)

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In this continuity, Giotto's given name was Paul. He was a security guard on the USS Shenandoah, then under Kirk's command, in 2264. (Orion Press: "Spider's Lair")

Kirk had Giotto transferred off the Enterprise in 2269 after the security chief blindly followed the orders of Janice Lester in Kirk's body. (In the Line of Duty, "Crowded Theater")

By the 2290s, Giotto had become chief of security on USS Hercules, under Commander Hadley. He died in 2294 during ground combat against the Kzinti. (Chekov's Enterprise)

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