Gleicy Ruiz on shoreleave prior to her assignment to the Prometheus

Gleicy Ruiz was the Chief Operations Officer and Quartermaster of the Federation starship Prometheus. (Star Trek: Prometheus)

Family[edit | edit source]

  • Pablo Ruiz (Father)
  • Leni Ruiz (Mother)
  • Glenda Ruiz (Sister)
  • Marina Ruiz (Neice)

Biography[edit | edit source]

Gleicy Ruiz was born on November 2, 2349 in Havana, Cuba on Earth to Pablo and Leni Ruiz approximately thirteen months before her younger sister Glenda Ruiz.

Gleicy began attending Starfleet Academy in 2367 and shared a room with Lyndsay Ballard. Gleicy had several classes in common with Ballard, Harry Kim, and Daniel Byrd and developed a deep friendship with the three of them and Became and avid Parrises Squares player and was on the Academy team with Harry Kim.

Gleicy graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2370, where she had majored in starship operations, and was assigned to the prototype for Bradburry class Federation starship, the USS Bradburry as an Operations Officer and was understandably upset when the starship Voyager went missing in 2371 and when she was officially declared lost and presumed destroyed.

In 2374, Gleicy was promoted to Lieutenant (J.G.) and promoted to the position of Assistant Chief Operations Officer of the Bradbury.

In 2378, Gleicy was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant (Full Grade) and was transferred to the starship Prometheus to serve as the ship's Chief Operations Officer and Quartermaster.

Note(s)[edit | edit source]

Images of actors are used to simulate the cast of the series. As a result Gleicy Ruiz is portrayed by Angelina Castro.

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