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This short film starts with a tribute to five lost souls:

  • Anthony DeGregorio: A real person who was Assistant Set Construction Foreman making Phase II episodes.
  • John Olson: A real person who was part of the Grip & Electric team at the Phase II studios.
  • Lt. R.L. Dickerson: A fictional character who was chief of security and killed in the opening sequence of Enemy: Starfleet.
  • Lt. Mikhail Hodel: A fictional character who was an engineer and eaten by bloodworms in Blood and Fire, Part 1.
  • Lt. Alexander Freemann: A fictional character who was the medical technician in Blood and Fire. He had a relationship with James T. Kirk's nephew, Peter Kirk.

This film also signifies a new beginning for Star Trek: Phase II introducing Brian Gross as our new James T. Kirk, a new refitted USS Enterprise as it leaves Spacedock and the first appearance of a new member of the crew: Lt. Arex!


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